UNLK is jam-packed with awesome features! Check it out!

UNLK's Camera

The high-quality UNLK camera is fun, colorful, and intuitive.


Receive and leave feedback on each piece of content on other users’ as well as your own storylines!

Tap the little heart when you see something you like!

Quickly and easily share storyline content in a super unique and awesome way!

Swipe through storylines and read through comments without having to open and close each piece of content!

Storylines in Action

Create and enjoy high-quality curated content. Storylines makes sharing your last 24 hours fun and easy!

Unlock Content

Discovering new content on UNLK is one-of-a-kind experience. You’ll have a blast scrolling through different codes to unlock new photos, videos, and even profiles!

Unlock Messaging

UNLK’s messaging feature is super fast and reliable! Send texts, images and videos, as well locations and audio clips. Or, start a high-quality live video chat with a friend or group of friends!